Establish a sweet sense of home, sanctity, & well being in your body, mind, & heart through the sacred practice of yoga.

My online services are heartfully designed to  nurture & support every part of your resilient & multifaceted human being. 

It's an all inclusive, no-parts-left-behind kind of deal. 

All the aspects of your unique & sacred human-ness are welcomed, valued, normalized, & wholly cherished in this online space & community.

Human Positive Yoga

7 Values:

  1. All humans are inherently valuable. The true practice of yoga helps us to realize & act within this truth. 

  2. All aspects of human beings are inherently valuable​​.

  3. Experiencing challenges with your physical and/or mental health does not make your being or life less sacred. Our health journeys are sacred journeys. 

  4. Having specialized physical needs within the practice of yoga is actually the majority, not the minority. 

  5. The work we do to heal & tend to our human wounds is some of the most sacred & true work we can do. 

  6. The true practice of yoga does not exclude, negate, suppress, or shame any aspect of your human-ness. 

  7. The highest form of yogic practice is the kind that is actually most helpful & freeing to you today--your body, brains, and heart as they come.

Hi there, I'm Kira Rose

A few things that make my life sweet:

Normalizing the integration of mental/emotional wellness resources and sacred practice.


Offering the fullness of yoga to those who have struggled to find a space and community they feel valued and supported in. 


All things butter…...cashew butter…...coconut butter…….butter butter…...basically, high quality fatty substances bring me all the good-feeling-feels.

Whole-hearted humans. 


The potency and power of that which is simple, focused, and just enough.

A Simpler Approach:


A simpler approach to yogic movement allows for people who are experiencing normal human things like ...

... injury, illness, pain, aging, or having a bigger body... be fully included and to experience being nurtured by a practice that considers, values, and honors them. MORE >

My Online Member Community is designed to support you to:

  1. Learn how to adapt your practice to best meet your needs

  2. Feel more at home in your body as it is now & as it changes

  3. Skillfully be with & work with difficult emotions

  4. Strengthen your capacity for mental/emotional resilience

  5. Become part of a supportive & compassionate community 

  6. Connect with the deep sacredness of your body, being, & life

These online services may be extra perfect for you if one or more of the below statements feel relevant to you.

I’m looking for deep and sacred yogic practice.....


1) I want yoga that truly serves every level of my wellbeing.


2) I’ve had a challenging time finding a space and instructor that meets my physical needs. 


3) I’m really interested in how the practice of yoga can support my mental/emotional wellness.


4) It's important to me to practice yoga within a community that cherishes and supports marginalized people.


Kira brings a gentle and grounded presence to her work as a yoga teacher. In addition to her vast knowledge of the physical nature of the body, she is a teacher and therapist with deep spiritual and psychological roots, which helps to nurture the important work of healing to take place. 

Amy Greer

Pianist, Teacher, & Writer

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