Off to a Good Start

The Power of Beginning Well

* 5-Day Program Starts January 4th *

This 10-Day Program will offer you a structured way to bring a sense of connection, belonging, and wellbeing to your practice and to your everyday life. 

Through the guidance of this program, you’ll explore transforming your daily practices and actions into prayerful, sacred offerings that ignite joy and contentment from within. 


This program integrates the practice of hatha yoga, meditation, and sacred action.


You’ll receive an email every morning that will contain a video class or a simple guided activity you can do at home that will nourish this expansive sense of connection and wellbeing.

The cost of this program is included for members. Non-members can easily purchase single programs. See the program schedule below.

Schedule Outline:

*Note that 3 "Light Days" are included in this schedule. This makes it easy for you to adjust the program schedule to meet your personal schedule. It allows you shift a few activities/practices around if needed so that the program best supports you.

Day 1: Journal Activity: Offering Your Practice to Others (10 Minutes)

Day 2: Video Practice: Offering Solace to Those You Love - Gentle Yoga (20 Minutes)

Day 3: Light Day: Offering Your Day (1 Minute)

Day 4: Karma Yoga: Sacred Action (10 Minutes)

Day 5: Video Practice: Connecting Through Suffering and Joy (15 Minutes)

Day 6: Light Day: Offering Your Day (1 Minute)

Day 7: Video Practice: Moving with a Sense of Wellbeing - Therapeutic Flow (20 Minutes)

Day 8: Light Day: Offering Your Day (1 Minute)

Day 9: Live Class: Offering Solace to Those You Love - Restorative Yoga (35 Minutes)

Day 10: Karma Yoga: Sacred Action (10 Minutes)


Becoming a member for just $29/Mo gets you included access to all programs!

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