Though we come to the practice of yoga for many reasons, each of us is ultimately drawn by two really big ones:

  1. We want to suffer less.

  2. We want to enjoy more.


And, when we have the right support, and when we approach the practice of yoga with sincerity and integrity, it can offer us this opportunity daily.

Membership Components

Video Practice Library 

*Included with ALL memberships

The HPY Member Library is a growing video library of over 40 pre-recorded, therapeutically-based practices. Practices range from 5-minutes to 60-minutes. You’ll have free-flowing, anytime access to these practices. 4+ new practices will be added to the library every month.


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Live Classes

*Included with ALL memberships

*Drop-in available

Live classes are offered twice monthly. These classes are taught via Zoom and range from 30-45 minutes. 

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Monthly Programs

*Included with ALL memberships

*Single program purchase available

Because we all benefit from a little bit of structure, every membership includes access to monthly programs. These 7-14 day programs will offer you an organized and guided way to engage with your membership resources and to cultivate what you’re wanting to cultivate with focus, accountability, and consistency. You can purchase a single program without being a monthly member. 


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Private Sessions

*Included with memberships that include privates

*Single private sessions available for purchase (to schedule single sessions, please email me at

For people that thrive with or need a little bit of human-to-human support, private sessions are a great option. In private sessions, we're able to focus on your specific challenges and create programs and practices that are tailored to you.


Note: If you purchase a membership that includes private sessions, during your 7-Day free trial, we'll schedule a 15-minute consult to get you started and then once your paid membership begins, we'll begin your full sessions.


Types of Practice


Gentle Yoga practices are movement-based and offer a beautiful balance of being both gently energizing and restful at the same time. When you feel like, “It would be good for me to move my body, but I also mostly want to lie down.” these are the practices for you. 


Therapeutic Flow practices are movement-based and offer you the opportunity to build a little bit of heat and strength in your body in a way that is functional and allows you to remain in tune with your intention, body, and breath.


Restorative Yoga practices are based in rest and offer you guided support to experience relaxation and to allow your system to recover and revitalize. These practices are the glorious kind you can do in your bed. Get cozy.


Chair Yoga practices are movement-based and offer an especially stable form of practice that can deeply benefit people who need (or want) one-level (meaning you’re not having to get up and down from the floor) kind of instruction or for anyone who wants to integrate practice into seated environments (like work).


Meditation & Pranayama practices are generally practiced seated or lying down and offer us the opportunity to cultivate our breath in ways that support steady calm and vitality, to practice sitting with our experiences, and to utilize our mental processes to foster connection to wellbeing and to spirit.


Meditative Movement practices offer you the opportunity to explore extra-gentle movement with a meditative feel. These practices are focused on cultivating awareness and presence within movement and upon integrating short periods of stillness. Meditative movement practices are perfect for when you’d like to experience some stillness, but you’d also like to gently ease yourself into it.


Variation Education videos are based more in education (Surprise!) and offer options for varying (Surprise again!) your practice to best suit your needs. These videos include themes like, “Variations for Your Knees,” “Working With Spinal Disk Issues,” and “Variations of Downward Dog.” These videos will help you understand how you adjust your practice to be the most helpful (and also the least harmful) to you.

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